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At Event Agent our team of passionate Event experts share a unique knowledge about Event Hire and Australias Event Suppliers.

Our wisdom stems from being Event Suppliers for a decade ourselves (marquees, furniture, flooring, lighting, heating and more) and 7 years in Event Management. Throughout this time we have worked on over 2000 events. We have an in depth understanding about why Event Suppliers charge what they do, where the opportunities to save money are and the best ways to ensure that you’re not taking short cuts on quality!

Internally we have a strong database software which also allows us to search 100’s of suppliers stock lists at one time to also assist in finding those hard to find items.







We want to help as many people as we can enjoy their events with peace of mind, more time, less stress and more money in their pockets! OUR RULE – Find a way to add more value than anyone else does. 

Please note: We do not have preferred suppliers. Each clients situation is reviewed individually and suppliers are selected based on their budget, quality requirements, location, importance of convenience and peace of mind, event times and event type.